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Get Your Inspection To Drive With Uber/Lyft  Done Over Video Chat

Utilize your phone technology to get your ride share inspection done fast and easy over video chat!

-Save Gas      -Save Mileage      -Save Time      -Keep Earning

(Pay After You Pass!)

Simple and Fast

The average inspection takes 20 minutes and can be done from anywhere.

Convenient Hours

We operate from 7 a.m to 11 p.m. Monday-Sunday for your convenience.

Quality Customer Care

Our ASE certified mechanics will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you have.

On Demand Inspection

Do you need your inspection completed fast and easy right now? No problem, we accept on demand inspections.

Mobile Inspections

Don't feel comfortable with a video chat inspection? No problem, we also do mobile inspections! We come to you. Book Now!

(available for San Diego locations only)

Don't Deal With Salesman

Going to a mechanic for an inspection can be frustrating. Don't worry we won't try to sell you anything and our rates can not be beaten.

To schedule a video chat inspection, fill out this form and click schedule inspection

(Pay After You Pass!)

Schedule Vehicle Inspection

By clicking "Apply for Inspection" you agree to the terms of use

For an immediate inspection call or text (858) 829-1173

Uber and Lyft Vehicle Inspections
Tel: (858) 829-1173
"Provide a convenient and quality inspection experience by utilizing smart phone technology to get your inspection done over video chat at a competitive price"
Young Driver


 One thing most drivers do not look forward to is their annual vehicle inspection. The process is too long and frustrating. That's why we came up with a new idea: Virtual Vehicle Inspections. We want to save drivers time, money, and gas while providing quality customer service, support, and tips/tricks to help drivers succeed. We can get your vehicle inspection done in 20 minutes from your driveway! 


Miranda H., Lyft

“Didn't have to deal with a mechanic shop and the staff is really nice and friendly. I've used them for two of my inspections now."



Cheryl S., Uber 

"It was fast and easy and
went thru Uber quickly!
Also nice dude!"


Martin C., Uber Eats

“Great experience. The guy who helped me out walked me through the entire process and made it super easy. The whole thing took about 15 minutes and I did the inspection from my garage!”

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