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Hello! We are RMI INSPECTIONS and here at RMI it is our goal to provide you with a fast and convenient ride share inspection experience. The majority of our team have been ride share drivers in the past and we know from personal experience how much of a pain it can be to go through the process of getting your car inspected. Having to take time out of your busy day and prime earning hours to drive all the way to a ride share hub or mechanic shop, where you end up waiting in line for an hour, is inconvenient and a hassle. On top of that, the gas used to get there and back is wasteful. With our service you can have your inspection done from anywhere as long as you have access to a smartphone and the vehicle you'll be using for your ride share business. Simply book an appointment and experience the convenience of a video chat inspection!

Stop wasting your time, money, and gas. Sign up for an inspection today and you will see that we are truly convenience you can trust!

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Our Story

RMI INSPECTIONS emerged in 2019 in Southern California when Ryan Higginson and his business partner, Matt, who were ride share drivers at the time, noticed a common inconvenience that most ride share drivers were experiencing. This inconvenience was the process of having to get their vehicle inspected. That's when they thought, how could we provide a fast and convenient ride share inspection without having to drive anywhere to get it completed? They realized that every ride share driver has to have a smart phone to operate their ride share business and that is when the idea of a video chat inspection was born. They began troubleshooting the idea and two months later they launched RMI-INSPECTIONS. The immediate response from the ride share community was overwhelming. Two years later, they have added three team members to RMI and are continuously improving to make sure the experience and customer service is flawless. Utilize your technology, book an inspection today!

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  • “I first heard about RMI-INSPECTIONS on Facebook and decided to try out their service. I definitely recommend them to any Uber or Lyft driver who doesn't have time for a traditional inspection! ”

Lilly J.



  • “Great customer service. Great experience. The guy who helped me out walked me through everything and made it super easy. The whole process took about 15 minutes and I did the inspection from my garage!”

Martin C.


  • “I suggest this service to every ride share driver out there. You don't have to deal with a mechanic shop and the staff is really nice and friendly. I've used them for two of my inspections now. Thank you RMI-INSPECTIONS!”

   Miranda H.



  • “I started driving for Lyft two years ago and always dreaded my annual inspection because of the process and time it takes to get it completed. Luckily I stumbled across RMI-INSPECTIONS and now it's the only way I get my inspection done!”

Joseph M.

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Tel: (858) 829-1173
"Provide a convenient and quality inspection experience by utilizing smart phone technology to get your inspection done over video chat at a competitive price"
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