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Safety Addendum and Limitation of Liability

This SAFETY ADDENDUM AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY is incorporated in, and subject to, Ryan’s Mobile Inspections’ (hereinafter referred to as “RMI” or the “Company”) Terms of Service. This addendum clarifies the extent to which you may rely upon the inspection provided by RMI, and disclaims any and all liability for actions or omissions arising from the inspection provided hereunder.

YOU hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:


The vehicle inspection services offered by the Company are intended to provide an evaluation of your vehicle’s suitability for usage as a rideshare vehicle, as such standards of suitability are articulated by companies such as Uber, Lyft, Maven, or any other ride sharing platform to which the Company may refer you. THE INSPECTION PROVIDED BY THE COMPANY IS NOT A SAFETY INSPECTION. The Company makes no warranty as to the safety or drivability of your vehicle, and expressly disclaims any and all liability arising from or related to safety issues with your vehicle. You expressly agree and acknowledge that ensuring the safety of your vehicle is your own responsibility, and that if you have any doubts as to your vehicle’s safety, you shall have a safety inspection conducted on your vehicle from a third-party qualified to provide such inspections. The Company shall only inspect your vehicle for compliance with the applicable standards of the ridesharing platform to which you are being referred. YOU HEREBY EXPRESSLY WAIVE AND RELEASE THE COMPANY FROM ANY AND ALL CLAIMS RELATED TO THE SAFETY AND DRIVEABILITY OF YOUR VEHICLE, OR ANY HARM OR PECUNIARY LOSS RESULTING THEREFROM, AND EXPRESSLY ASSUME THE RISKS INHERENT IN DRIVING FOR A RIDESHARING PLATFORM.

The Company cannot guarantee that each vehicle inspected will pass the inspection, or will be approved for usage on any ride sharing platform. The inspection fee is earned upon the company’s provision of an inspection, regardless of the result of the inspection. The Company may, in its sole discretion, offer a refund for certain inspections, but in no event shall the Company be obligated to do so.

By checking the box, you hereby expressly acknowledge that you are not relying upon the inspection provided by the Company for any driveability or safety-related issues, and you hereby agree that you shall take all necessary steps to independently verify the safety and driveability of your vehicle.

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