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Best advice for new Uber and Lyft drivers?

Best advice for new Uber and Lyft drivers?

Here at RMI-INSPECTIONS, we get a lot of new drivers that ask us for the best advice we have to offer for new Uber and Lyft drivers. Driving with Uber and Lyft means making money on your own schedule and setting hours that suit you and your lifestyle best. As exciting as it is to take the plunge and start driving via the Uber or lyft Driver app, we know it can be a little daunting at first.

For those of you just starting out or who are thinking about signing up and want to know what it takes to be a driver with Uber or Lyft, below is our best advice for beginning Uber and Lyft drivers.

Number 1: Get to know the Uber/Lyft Driver Apps:

The driver apps will be your partner on the road so it is important to get to know them the best you can. The more familiar you are with how to use it as well as all the features that are offered, the more money you will make.

From quickly matching riders and locating them through GPS, to keeping track of your daily and weekly earnings; there are a host of features to help make driving as convenient and rewarding as possible.

But the best way to find out is to get out on the road and drive in the city!

Number 2: Positioning Yourself Correctly:

The closest driver to a passenger usually gets the next ride. This means you need to know where other driver are around you. The trick is you can see these other drivers on the Uber and Lyft passenger apps. Yes, those little cars around you when you open the Uber or Lyft passenger apps are real. Use this to your advantage. When you are clocked in and driving and find yourself waiting for a ride request, open the passenger app and see where clusters of other drivers are. Then you can position yourself strategically.

Also, If you know there is a popular hotel in your city, don't wait half a mile away hoping to get a ride request. There are likely drivers between you and that hotel who will be given that next request. Instead, get as close as you safely and legally can. You will almost certainly be rewarded with the next ride request.

Number 3: Getting that 5-Star Rating:

If you adhere to these 3 standards you will have a 5-star rating:

First, have a clean car. Inside and out. At all times. Having a clean car is the number one most critical factor to getting a 5-star rating. A quick shake of the floor mats before each shift can work wonders.

Second, have a cell phone charger available. It is another critical factor in achieving and maintaining a 5-tar rating. Get a phone charging cable with all three major phone adapters for both iPhones and Androids.

Third, drive safe! Drive like your grandmother is in the back seat holding a hot cup of coffee, but she's in a hurry.

Number 4: Use the Destination/Filtered Ride Feature Every Shift:

The destination filter inside the Uber Driver app (filtered ride inside the Lyft Driver app) is a potent feature that far too many drivers fail to utilize. If properly utilized, it can increase your weekly income by 10-20%. How do you use it? If you get a long trip request, say 60 miles, don't let the drive back turn into dead mileage. On the way back, set your destination point further out than where you are actually heading. This will get you more matches.

Also, a lot of drivers end up only using it at the end of their shift on the drive home. Instead, try using it mid-day and on the weekends. This is when you will win big.

Another cool way to use the destination filter is, the IRS does not allow commuting miles to be deducted. So, if you have another job and are driving for Uber/Lyft part time, use the destination filter on your commute to your day job as well as on the way home. You can get one or two rides on your way there and back, make some extra money while driving to work, and be able to deduct your commuting miles as you will be clocked in.

Number 5: Uber Accessorizing:

This is a necessary step for beginning drivers. It is also how many experienced drivers go that extra mile to increase tips and the rideshare experience. While you don't want to clutter your car with lots of gadgets, a few well placed accessories can improve life on the road and increase earnings. Make sure you have an in-car phone charger. Running out of battery on your phone will shut down your business.

Also, setting up a phone mount or cradle will also help for ease of use while on the road. In addition something as simple as an AUX cable to connect a riders phone to your speakers can help you keep your passengers satisfied and get that 5-star rating. You can easily find all these products in our online store:

best advice for beginning Uber and Lyft drivers?

Being a ride share driver is all about being a self-starter. With our tips and advice for new drivers, you should have the tools to help you maximize your time, earnings, and chances of getting your 5-star rating!

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